Your Payment Profile is currently suspended

Your Payment Profile is currently suspended How to fix this.?

Why Google Adsense Suspend our Payment Profile?

When we earn 10$ by adsense service so Google send us a notification for pin verification.
So if we change our  name or address Google can't verify it..
That's why Good adsense Suspend our Payment Profile. 
How can we fix this?
Follow few steps.. 
1) Signin To Adsense

Your Payments are currently on hold. Action is required to release payment. 
Click on Action. 
When you click on Action A new window will open. 
2) Provide Verified Information.
Your Payment Profile is currently suspended. Your payment profile is suspended because so of your information on your account can't be verified. 
Click on Learn More
Information form window will open next. 
3)Information Form
Information Form will be like that Fill Up your information. 
First name
Last name 
Secondary Email
Fill up your Payment Profile ID. 
If you can't find it click on 
Your Google payment profile settings. 

Upload front and back side of Your ID card. 
If the address on Google adsense is same your ID card address click on Yes.

And Click Submit. 

Soon your payment method will be verified and you will receive an Email like this. 
And it's done.. 

How To Register Your First Mobile Free, PTA

How To Register Your First Mobile Free..

If you want to register your mobile you new to follow some steps. 
Here is an offer for foreigners to register their First Mobile Free by their Passport Number.
Lets Start :

Step 1: Start off with dialling *8484#
When it done, 5 Options will be appear.. 
Step 2: Reply with ‘1’ to start with the registration process.
Select 1 Register Mobile Device.

Step 3: Reply with ‘1’ if you are a citizen or with ‘2’ if a temporary foreigner.

Step 4: Reply with ‘1’ if it is your first device to be registered which will be registered free of cost. One device a year is registered free of cost. But the others are charged with some registration fee.

Step 5: Enter your passport number. Check twice before submitting any such details.

Step 6: Enter your CNIC number. Remember to check twice again then submit it. 

Step 7: Reply with the Number of SIM slots you have in your device. As each SIM slot holds a unique IMEI Number.
You can find your IMEI number by dailling *#06#

Step 8: eEnter your first First IMEI number and then enter your second IMEI number carefully..

Step 10: Reply with ‘1’ to complete the process or ‘0’ If you feel like re-checking your details. By replying with ‘1’ your request for registration will be submitted to PTA and in case of delay or any query you can check in on PTA’s helpline 0800-55555.

Shortly afterwards, you will receive a confirmation message along with your credentials.